Azize Tereza Church

Situated in Ulus, near the citadel, 100 meters below the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, on French Embassy grounds, Azize Tereza Church is the place of worship for the Turkish speaking community and is open during the week to anyone who wishes to visit, pray, or meet with a priest

The Turkish speaking community
The Turkish speaking community is made of people sharing in Eastern rites, such as Armenian, Syrian, or Chaldean, as well as in the Latin rite, whether Turks or foreigners. They celebrate mass on Sunday in the Latin rite in Turkish at 11.30. On special occasions, Eastern liturgies are celebrated by visiting pastors.


Praying during the week
Azize Tereza Church is open Tuesday to Saturday afternoons, from 2.00 to 5.00, or at other times by appointment. Also on Wednesday evenings at 5.00 pm, a Eucharistic adoration takes place, followed by mass in Turkish at 6.00 pm.


Pastoral care
The pastoral care of the whole parish with its two places of worship is entrusted to the small international team of Jesuit priests, living on the grounds of Azize Tereza Church, as well as to their collaborators. In addition to pastoral work in Ankara and, more generally, to the service of the Catholic Church in Turkey, members of the Jesuit Community dedicate themselves to social work for the service of refugees and to academic work in Turkey and abroad for the sake of human development and intercultural-interreligious dialogue.

To get in touch with a member of the pastoral team, go to the contact section of this website