Thanks to the help of many of its members, Meryem Ana community is a welcoming and dynamic community. The community needs you and your talents and hopes you will receive much through your giving! If you are the main person in charge of an activity, you’ll be invited to be a member of the community council, meeting once a month after mass.

The main activities are as follows:

Children and religious education
Religious education of children and teenagers, preparing children for their first communion or confirmation, or assisting in the children’s liturgy taking place during Sunday mass.

Seeing with others that the community is hospitable to all, taking care especially of ordinary Sunday after-mass water, tea, coffee and biscuits, and coordinating food and drink on feast days.

Decoration of the church, acolyte, altar servants, greeter, reader, Eucharistic minister and taking care of the sacristy.

Choir and music
Saint Augustine said: “To sing is to pray twice”!

Youth group and choir
A lively group of university students coming mainly from different African countries but also from around the world, organizing spiritual and leisure activities, and warming up the hearts of community members with their singing on certain feast days.

Community building activities and praying or reading groups
Trips, games, and anything you can bring to the community through your creativity! Pray, read, think, and share together with others.

Accounting, general coordination